The approved merchants of your network will get an Android application that is running on compatible NFC devices. The application can be customised with your own design and published on the Google Play Store, and transform any NFC phone into a mobile Point of Sale!


We also support the application to run on Ingenico APOS8 Terminals that are running on Android. ​


The merchant will log in to the mPOS app with his credentials of your user management system. When authorized, the payment terminal and the merchant can create transactions between his wallet and the wallet of a VeryPay user: ​

  • Check the balance of the client wallet ​

  • Generate a wallet to wallet transaction that is approved by taping the VeryPay card on the payment terminal (Purchase goods in a retail shop, pay a course in a Taxi, Withdraw money at a shop of your network, pay public services invoices, etc..) 

  • Print tickets with a connected printer​

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