​​The client application allows the final user to log in using your user management system.


The app will be used to add a new payment card and link it to the user wallet or e-banking account. 


​The user can then: ​

  • Check the connected wallet or e-banking account balance (via your services) ​

  • Lock/Unlock his VeryPay card, to prevent it to be used on a terminal ​

  • Consult his personal information coming from your user management system (via your services) ​

  • Get notified when a payment is done using the VeryPay Card ​

  • Display the payment history of the connected wallet/e-banking account (via your services)  ​

  • Contact support ​

  • Delete a card to add another one ​

  • Features we may include, depending on your available services: ​

    • Pay public services invoices ​

    • Peer to peer transactions 

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